zondag 16 december 2012


Hi dear readers!

A time ago we had a crazy idea tot restyle our own blog! And that's what we did, we restyled our blog totally.. We changed our name and also the lay-out! Now we are not Designthestyle any more but tadam... TwinTenue! You can find our blog here: http://twintenue.tumblr.com/
We are going to change our Facebook page to twintenue!

Hope to see you all there,
Yana and Violetta!

woensdag 12 december 2012

Books are like shoes!


I'm so exscited! A few days ago I received a very pleasent present. It's an amazing book made by Michiel Schuurman. Glade to have it in my collection of beautiful books. 
Hope to see you soon with new outfit pictures (and maybe an whole new lay-out)!


maandag 3 december 2012

New face!

Hi sweeties!

We are now planning to do a huge make-over for the blog. When I (Violetta) first started with posting my outfits, I was the one who made up the name for the blog. After a little while Yana became my companion. The design-part of the blog were always designed by Yana (she is actually studiying for a grafic designer). I think it is so nice that there is someone who can do this for the blog, because a layout is so important. So now we are searching for a new name. We already have something in our mind but if you have suggestions, just shoot plz! We want to change everything: the name, our facebookpage, our blogpage, our layout, the structure of the content,...Yana want to design everything by herself & I like this idea veryyyy much! So tell us what you think about this? We will keep you posted! 

PS: The name—ideas are welcome!

Yana and Violetta,
the crazy, happy twin!

zaterdag 1 december 2012

I'll survive!

Hi dear friends!

Today I want to show you my new booties that I bought yesterday (as I promised on FACEBOOK). I found them in a vintage shop where I buy quit a lot shoes actually! They are super cute en very comfi, just what I need to survive the winter. I tried something else with the pictures, hope you like it that way! Today we cleaned our house and we don't have huge plans for the weekend. What about you?

See ya soon!

woensdag 28 november 2012

Little girl in a coat, in this big world!

Hellow folks!

What a day, what a day! Today I went to the Cinematek in Brussels. This is a huge filmarchive, where I had to collect some sources about a Belgian movie where a have to write about. The movie is called 'De zevende hemel' (The seventh heaven). It is a romcom with a very famous actor/ comedian from Belgium, Urbanus. I don't think that the movie is very cinematographic and also not intellectually challenging but when you don't have a lot of energy to think a lot while watching a movie, then you can take this one. It is not a big compliment for this movie but I think we need to have all kind of movies! Diversity in the media is a very positive case! Now I'm  going to quit about it!

This pictures we made the past saturday. On the pictures you can see my new coat. This one is from Zara and it is a XS so I thought this will be to small for me. I actually have a S or a M, but this one fits very well so I was very happy because they didn't have an other size! Lucky me! I also love very much my bag with this nice title: RED DE STOEP (safe the doorstep).

Enjoy your week!
Yana & Violetta

Coat: Zara
Pants: Pull & bear
Bag: unknown
Shoes: Zara
Pull: H&M
Legging: Bershka
Gloves: H&M

zondag 25 november 2012

Sunday sunshine!

Hi dear friends!

The sun is shining today and that's just what we needed! Below you can see our breakfast, our mommy bought a yummie pie called 'de mattentaart' and we had a nice chat about life. How is your sunday so far?

Big kiss,

zaterdag 24 november 2012

The things that no one else sees.

Hi dear friends!

The first thing that we did when we got the opporunity is we took some new outfit pictures! We know, it's been a long time but we shot some new outfits today! The weather is just against us, it's raining all the time and we don't have a lot of time during the week because we have to go to school. But we are still blogging! Now I'm going to stop whining. How was your week guys? We had a great week and yesterday we went to a girls movie night. It was a great evening! Now we are going to drink warm tea and do some useful stuff! 

See ya soon,
Yana and Violetta

Title credit: The xx

Coat: Second hand (H&M)
Bag: Zara
Jeans: Zara
Jumper: New Look
Boots: 't Fabriekske
Hand gloves: Zara kids